Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Commissioned Handspun - "The Moors"

My friend Liza commissioned me to spin her an appropriate yarn to knit a scarf with. She needed a gift for "the man who has everything", so what better than a truly handcrafted effort.

I took my wheel down to Skookum Lake over the weekend, and sat outside with a lovely view of the lake, and spun for the better part of the day. Exceedingly relaxing and fulfilling.

It's 2 ply aran-chunky weight, 6.5 oz, 225 yards, 100% mystery wool. I call it "The Moors", as its spun from some of the same wool as "Heathcliff". Looking back over the Heathcliff post, I see that I claimed it was my favourite that I had spun to date. Liza will think that I have quite perjured myself completely, as I said the same about this one. Clearly, I've truly enjoyed the mystery wool, gifted to me by my from my friend Linda!

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  1. what kind of wheel do you own I am making the jump from spindle and need a good easy to use one :)


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