Here are the main characters in my tales of various and sundry. If you are a dear friend or family member and do not yet appear in the list, rest assured that profiles are added as they are mentioned in posts.


Angus was born in June of 2012 and since then everything is different. There is nothing I can say about him that all moms don't already say about their children. If you've met him, your life is better for it. Anything that I do that is not related to him happens between the hours of 8:30pm and 3:00am.



My husband of one year and partner of four years. He is a very curious man who works hard, hunts, traps, fishes, and really likes baseball. He religiously reads "Police Beat" and recognizes repeat offenders. He has a funny habit of memorizing names of people he doesn't know, when he eves drops on conversations. He uses this information to inquire after them in future conversations, for the sole purpose of confusing people. He is certainly one of the strangest people you could ever meet.


My sister and best friend. World class Pilates instructor and mom of three, with a passion for weird socks. She held my leg up when I pushed out Angus - what more can be said.

My Mom

Her name is Laurel, but that doesn't matter, as she will be universally referred to as "my mom" (is it some kind of right of passage to lose your personal identity to your children?). I have been reflecting often on how much I am becoming like her - terrified of extremely unlikely accidents occurring, collecting corks, getting excited about sales, texting out facts overheard on Dr. Oz...She is a very busy woman, always up to something, and rarely sits down for any significant amount of time (unless Y&R is on).


My lovely mother-in-law Gayle. She raised three of the oddest and most wonderful people I know. I knew her before I knew Nate. When I heard she had a single son my age, my first thought was "if he was raised by Gayle he must be half-decent". She is an academic with a backwoods accent (po-day-dah, beeeee-utiful, Dee-troy-it, etc. )She takes her role as grandmother extremely seriously and rarely goes more than a few days before developing some excuse to see Angus. 


My dear friend Anne. An inspiring artist who loves to talk to strangers. She has been instrumental in my life becoming more interesting. We co-host an annual Jane Austen Tea together, she guided me through planning   my first real garden in 2011, and taught me to knit last November. There is always something to talk about.  


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