Keep a Cook

I have been cooking more since being at home with the baby. That might sound obvious, but in the pre-preggo days, I could reasonably expect to make a good meal in an hour. Since baby Angus came along, I often start dinner around 1:00pm, and after a series of about 20 cooking/baby pleasing intervals, I manage to have it ready by 7:00pm - by which time, my husband is too hungry to take notice of what he is shovelling into his mouth, and I am too sick of looking at it to eat it. I have persevered despite this hardship, for fear of eating too many Pino’s rotisserie chickens and potato wedges.

Usually, I just make stuff up. I have watched enough of the Food Network to gain a general understanding of the mechanics of cooking, and some idea about flavour combinations. I am not as quick as I once was though (I am sure Angus as sucked a good percentage of my brain out of my nipples by now), so I have been looking to recipes for inspiration. I do not like to take anything too seriously, (my poor nerves!) so I make substitutions that sometimes work, but often leave me wondering wtf. The principal goal is to eat delicious, healthy, ethically produced, preferably local food and avoid eating the same thing too often. And when things work out well, there is nothing better, than to share a good meal with close friends.

Please share your recipe ideas below.

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