Friday, 18 January 2013

By Way of Introduction

I first created this blog 3 months ago to keep track of projects, good recipes, favourite books, and gardening ideas. Then something happened. I didn't write a single post because I was too busy doing the things I intended to write about!

This Jean-Marc Nattier painting, of  Madame Henriette as Flora (1742) resembles how I imagine I look while I knit.
In the last few weeks, I have started and ripped apart countless projects, and have even completed  a few!

I knit a collar for Angus using the last of an old ball of my grandmother's yarn I remember playing with as a child. 

I knit a B in memory of Baby Blake. 

I knit Christmas presents.
The Log Cabin Washcloth for Anne
3 out 6 Felted Bells for Ange
Angus's Christmas foot. If all goes well, by next Christmas he will have a Christmas Stocking!
I ordered fancy expensive wool online.

I knit my sister a bracelet - now she wants a whole line to sell at her studio.

My husband’s family has farm. One night I began to wonder what the MacLeod’s do with their sheep fleece.  Now my front porch has the clippings of 12 sheep partially blocking my front door, and the inside of my house smells like manure. I have been teaching myself how to process raw wool and have a serious lead on a spinning wheel.
One of 12 very dirty Shetland sheep fleece. There are  12 more at the farm. And 12 more in the  coming in spring.
I joined “The Craft Guild of Sault Ste. Marie” Facebook page and have been personally invited to a party on St. Joes Island for fibre enthusiasts this weekend.

I now host weekly Occasional Knitters Society (OKS) meetings.

I have pulled all-nighters feverishly knitting away (“just one more row!”)

I needed a professional massage to help work out the knots in my neck and shoulders caused by my too-tight stitches (I have since loosened up).

I created a Pinterest account. I repin often.

I started a cork collection.

I am tanning a rabbit hide tomorrow.

I`ll keep you posted!



  1. Great work Ash! What is with the corks... do you want me to start collecting some for you? & how is the wool coming along?

  2. Have you every searched "corks" on Pinterest? If you do, you'll be wanting to start your own collection.

  3. Amazing story teller. I plan to read on and on. Also the site looks beautiful and inviting. Well done

  4. I absolutely love this page!
    And I agree with Nicole, the site is S0o0o0o0o0o0o beautiful!
    What a fabulous job you have done, Ashleigh!


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