Monday, 18 March 2013

Art-a-thon - Pledging Accomplishments

Here is a perfect opportunity for everyone to become accomplished. This Friday, March 22nd, Sault Ste. Marie will be taken over by the Artathon - a fundraiser for the local programming of  National Youth Arts Week.

Stations will be set up all over town for participants to explore different art mediums and participate in creating things, and you don't even need to be an artist! Mediums include fibres, creative writing, Aboriginal art, music, print making, and drawing. If you are looking for a good time Friday afternoon, come find me at Dish Espresso Bar, where I will be hosting the Fibres group, while knitting and spinning yarn. I will even provide instruction for those looking to learn.

There are several ways to support the Artathon, including; collecting pledges for your art-making, pledging someone else's art-making, or bidding on auction items.

You can sponsor my knitting and spinning efforts by pledging me with either a flat rate, or you can pledge a certain amount per hour - but things might get wild - you may be shocked at how many hours I will knit for, if childcare is provided. I am aiming to play with fibres for 25 hours between now and March 29th, when funds need to be submitted.

If you are feeling artistic, collect some pledges for your work! You don't even need to do art on Friday - you can pick your own time and do it anywhere you want!

There are also two auctions that are part of the Artathon. Here is a link to the Facebook site where you can find all the info, along with the Materials, Tools and Instruments auction, that closes on Friday. There are some brilliant items up for auction. The second auction is an Original Works auction of pieces submitted by Artathon participants after Friday, that will be auctioned during National Youth Arts Week.

Here is the Shaw Cable interview highlighting the event and auctions.

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