Sunday, 3 March 2013

Navajo Plying

Yesterday, I filled a bobbin for the first time. I normally get impatient, or run out of fibre, and hurriedly ply something together to brag about. I was so satisfied with my full bobbin that I thought I would learn to Navajo ply.

Navajo plying takes a single strand of yarn and makes it three-ply. I didn't seem to entirely comprehend beforehand that in doing so, it would result in less than 1/3 the original yardage. My impressively packed bobbin is now a not-so-impressive 33 yards.

Single ply, before the Navajo ply

It only requires one bobbin of single-ply, unlike other plying methods where you hold two or more strands to ply together. Nate hasn't finished constructing my 'lazy Kate' yet (the device that holds bobbins for plying), so this is rather convenient for me. Plying with just the one strand also preserves the colour pattern, compared to the candy cane affect you get when you ply different colours together, and it saves from having to divide your single ply into equal amounts. You also don't have any leftovers from the bobbins not plying equally.

It was not a difficult skill to learn with the tried-and-true YouTube tutorials. It is like making giant crochet loops with your whole hand. At first I thought I must be doing it all wrong, but I came to realize that it is one of those tasks where if you focus or think on it too much, it can be disastrous. Best to just execute the motions and hope for the best.

After Navajo Plying
There is some yellow in the wool that I am not fond of, so earlier today I learned how to dye wool using tea. It is now drying and awaiting its "after" photo. Another post for tomorrow. 

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